The path commands like "getDesignDir()" or "getReultsDir()" return the path with a forward slash ("/") as the path separator. If you want to run a Windows application that does not support the path to use the forward slash, use the windows equivalents instead:

Command Windows Equivalent Short Description
getDesignDir(FDesign design=NULL) getWindowsDesignDir(FDesign design=NULL) Returns the directory for the given design, or the directory of the current design if NULL is given
getResultsDir(FExternComputation comp=NULL, FDesign design=NULL)

getWindowsResultsDir(FExternComputation comp=NULL, FDesign design=NULL)

Returns the results directory for the given computation in the given design or that of the current computation in the current design

getInputDir(FExternComputation comp=NULL, FDesign design=NULL)

getWindowsInputDir(FExternComputation comp=NULL, FDesign design=NULL)

Returns the input directory (the "input" subdirectory of the results directory) for the given computation in the given design. Relevant when running remote computations.
resolveEnv(FString path) resolveWindowsEnv(FString path) Resolves variables (environment variables or built-in variables) in a string.

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