The pro edition of CAESES/FFW comes with a set of algorithms for design exploration and formal optimizations. However, people often already use external optimization software in their company (such as Isight, optiSLang or modeFrontier etc). In this case, one can make use of the batch mode of the CAESES/FFW pro edition, in order to automatically generate geometry design variants, using the given optimization tool.

Attached is a small setup which demonstrates how simple this works.

  • sweep.fdb

    Project file that contains the geometry model along with its design variables.

  • sweep.fsc

    ASCII file that controls the batch run. It starts CAESES/FFW, sets the values of the design variables and exports an STL file. This fsc-file is the one that needs to be manipulated by the external optimization software, i.e. parameterize the values of the design variables (see the "setValue"-command).

  • run.bat

    Run this file to execute the entire process

The run of sweep.fdb also writes out the number of open edges into a file called "openedges.dat". It is merely a simple check for a closed STL geometry, and this information can be used as well by the optimization tool (geometry validity check).

Please note that the batch mode of CAESES/FFW is not available in the Free CAESES Version.

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