This guide will show you how to connect script-triggered local applications, e.g. OpenFOAM, to CAESES/FFW.


In order to use the Software Connector, an executable of the Local Application is necessary. If the local application has to be triggered by a script, follow the steps below:


  1. Create a text file with the execution command of the desired external application (OpenFOAM) and save as 'adder'.
  2. Add the script 'adder' to the Input Files in the Software Connector and 'double click' it, so that it is copied into the project and is converted to a Template.
  3. Click on the computation field in the center of the Software Connector.
  4. Create a new Local Application using the “green +” symbol.
  5. Define the Executable: Write down the name of the Template 'adder' which was imported to Input Files.
  6. Run the Computation by clicking on the run button.
  7. Check the result in the Task Monitor (on the right side shaded widget) and click the green button in the top left corner to show the finished computations.


Attached is a little example which shows this. In this example the script adds the Argument of the computation (which is defined by the Variable pm1) to a defined Variable in the script (addend).

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