Please note that CAESES/FFW can be utilized as a free OpenFOAM GUI (Graphical User Interface).

What can be done?

  • Conveniently configure and manipulate template files (e.g. controlDict or any other ASCII file) in the GUI. 

  • Change the geometry design and trigger OpenFOAM with a single mouse-click for analysis (i.e. streamline your design process).

  • Use individual result values such as pressure loss or homogeneity for an objective function in design studies and shape optimizations. 

  • Postprocess simulation data (streamlines, contour plots etc).

Since the software release 3.1.1 (the free version as well as the full version) two tutorials showing how to connect to OpenFOAM are available.

Moreover the Ahmed Body sample which includes a complete OpenFOAM setup is CFD ready.

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