Simulation and meshing packages such as STAR-CCM+, ICEM CFD or OpenFOAM can import colored STL files which is an export format supported by CAESES/FFW: Boundary surfaces (inlet, outlet and symmetry plane etc.) can be individually colored in CAESES/FFW so that the color information is transferred to the meshing software - for quick and automatic detection of these important surfaces.

Here are different options for coloring surfaces in different situations (see also the screenshots):

  • Trimesh Input: Click the edit button of a trimesh input surface and set the color. 

  • Boolean Operations: The colors of the participating solids are also transferred (e.g. the symmetry plane in the screenshot "solid_merged" is red because the initial box is colored red). 

  • Extrusion: If you extrude surfaces onto a plane and additionally close the result (e.g. for lids), the extrusion itself as well as the generated closed surface can also hold individual colors. 

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