Samples and Tutorials

If you try CAESES for the first time or you want to learn more about it. You'll find a bunch of tutorials and samples included in the Software.

Go to the Documentation Browser and click on Tutorials or Samples. The tutorials will help you to get through all features CAESES offers. After doing theses tutorials you' ll be able to start creating your own projects.

The Samples are finished projects which can be edited.

Feel free to share your models with us in our forum. Feedback w.r.t. the tutorials is highly appreciated.


If you like to watch small videos you can check our youtube channel.


Here you can find several videos about modelling, software connector (coupling CAESES to other software) and additional hints for usability.

Inline Documentation

Each object type (points, curves, trimesh, ...) has an own documentation in CAESES. You can access the type documentation by clicking on the object type symbol (1) in the Object Editor or press "F1" on your keyboard,

 use the Documentation Brower > Types  (2)

or use the Search in the Documentation Browser.


If you need any further information or more details please let us know.