If you have a system with multiple graphics adapters (e.g. a built in graphics chip on the CPU like Intel HD 4000 and an additional graphics card like an NVIDIA or AMD GPU), you want to ensure that the more powerful adapter is used.



How do I know which graphic card CAESES uses?


Type the following command in the console of CAESES


if the console output is:

you have to configure your switchable graphics card and assign it to the program CAESES.


Example: Windows 8 with an AMD graphics card:

  1. right click on the desktop
  2. click on "Configure Switchable Graphics"
  3. search for the application CAESES and set the "Graphics setting" to "High performance"

After changing the graphics card settings you have to restart CAESES.

Now you can check with the command


if CAESES is using your switchable graphics card this could be the output for a laptop with an AMD graphic card.