After choosing a license type after installation, CAESES/FFW will use that type of license from then on.


If for some reason you want to use a different license type (e.g. when switching from the free CAESES edition to a node-locked license) or you want to use a different user name, there are several ways to reset the license selection.



1. The easiest way to achieve this, is to use the start menu entry "CAESES-FFW (reset license selection)".

On Windows 8 there is an additional tile in your start menu with that name.


2. If you do not find the start menu entry, you can also reset the selection manually. Open a Windows file browser (Windows Explorer) and navigate to %APPDATA%/friendship/etc. Delete the file "framework.ini" from that folder.


3. You can also start a command shell (cmd.exe), navigate to the installation directory of your CAESES/FFW installation. Go into the "bin/win64" (or "bin/win32" on 32 Bit systems) subfolder. Start CAESES by typing "CAESES-FFW.exe -resetauth".



1. Go into the installation folder and double click the file "".

2. In terminal, go to the installation folder and enter "./".


Next time you start you will get the license selection dialog again.