You have received the error message GL_UNDERFLOW [11xx] while starting CAESES?

Then you have to adjust  your local time setting of your system.


How to do this:

  1. go to "Date and Time"
  2. click on the tab "Internet Time" 

  3. click on the button "Change settings" 

  4. check the selection box "Synchronise with an Internet time server"
  5. click the button "update now" 

If you are running CAESES on a network shared folder please setup and sync the date and time on both systems to the same timeserver (eg. 0.pool.ntp.org).


On Linux, it is pretty easy!

Install a Network Time Protocol Client and do the time sync automatically.

On a Debian based distributions like Ubuntu you can execute in a console:

aptitude install ntp

On rpm base distributions like CentOS, RedHat and Fedora you can do this:

yum -y install ntp

After succesfully installing the NTP client you should remove the application data directory:

rm -rf $HOME/.friendship

Now, you should be able to start CAESES.


If you have further problems, send the startuplog.html to our Support Team.