Hi there,

sometimes you have the following problem: You ran a variation and get a results table with your evaluation e.g. parameter "a". But then you realize, oh I forgot to devide my parameter a by the density. So you create a new parameter called "b" in the baseline and then you drag this to the results table. But the value will be "nan". This is due to the fact, that in those older designs the parameter "b" is missing. (You can check that by changing into one of the older designs by double click on this design.)

At the moment we don't have a proper way of solving this issue, which is why I created a workaround:

  • Export your original table as a csv file:

  • Create the new parameter
  • Import the csv file (Optimization -> Import Result Pool)

  • Then use the attached feature and set the arguments as shown


  • Then drag the new parameter to the table of the imported designs


  • As a results you should now see the new parameter values 

On your hard disk you will see that the feature duplicated the original design folder and renamed the folder and the single designs:

Let us know if the solution worked for you.